A series of new works inspired by the winter landscape at Sachuest 
Nest; brake, bramble, thicket, copse. 
Like a fibonaci spiral, one can gaze into a birds nest or bramble and feel it spiral inwards towards infinity. The more one looks, the more one sees, as smaller and smaller parts reveal themselves seemingly endlessly.  
I’ve had an ongoing fascination with this form over the years. The nest as a shape is both solid and open; it can reveal both its inside and outside. Contextually, it can be a shelter, a refuge, a sanctuary, a fortress; it can be impenetrable, impassable,threatening. As a subject, it is ambiguous in both form and content.  
I enjoy this ambiguity. Recently I’ve found that the brambles and thickets of the winter landscape reflect and repeat the nest shape on a larger scale. All the same complexities are found; each thicket is a fascinating, endless world unto itself.  Stripped of its foliage, the winter landscape reveals its underlying lines, rhythms and energies.  These lines may be gestural, if one is inclined towards personification. The dormant growth seems to pulsate with suppressed energy.  
This series is hung to show my works progressing from traditional landscapes and trompe l’oeile studies towards more gestural, semi-abstract explorations of these natural forms.
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